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PITTSFIELD - As the Central Maine Egg Festival puts a spotlight on Pittsfield this weekend, our news team took a deeper look into the area's past.


The Pittsfield Historical Society is in a newly restored train depot downtown.


While Pittsfield is celebrating its 200th birthday as a town this year, its roots go back before that.


The area was settled by Revolutionary War veteran Moses Martin and his family from Norridgewock.


"I don't know if it's a myth but the story goes that he came over with native folks from Norridgewock on a hunting, fishing trip and then came back a few years later to settle," said Jane Woodruff, who is on the Bicentennial Committee.


Martin, his pregnant wife, and three young kids made their home in the area in 1794.


"It's hard to imagine coming here where there was really nothing but woods," said Woodruff.


Originally called Plymouth Gore and a part of Massachusetts, Pittsfield became a town in 1819.


And since then, there have been some notable people to be from there, including Colonel Walter Morrill, who wrote a book chronicling his experience fighting at Little Round Top in the Civil War.


"Everyone knows about Joshua Chamberlain, well he was Company B of Joshua Chamberlain's outfit and later took it over," said Woodruff.


Pittsfield grew as people worked in mills and in chicken houses. The town has since diversified its industries.


"It's a town of 4,200 people but we have ten churches, we have seven parks, we have one of the largest contractors in the country," said Ron Watson, president of the Pittsfield Historical Society.


Today locals said it's the small town feel that they appreciate.


"This is going to sound a little hokey, but it's a place where almost everybody knows your name and you know that's kind of important," said Jan Laux, on the Bicentennial Committee.


As locals reflect on the area's past 200 years, there are more bicentennial events coming up. A list of those events is on the town's website .

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