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Building demolition for Bar Harbor library expansion begins Featured

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BAR HARBOR - The landscape is changing in Bar Harbor. One building is being torn down to protect and expand another one that plays an important role in the community.

"The building is just way too small for the way people use a modern public library," said Library Director Ruth Eveland.


The Jesup Memorial Library in Bar Harbor is undergoing a big expansion. The building torn down was purchased by the library in 2012 as part of the site's expansion.


In 2018, the library flooded with up to an inch of standing water in some places. Ron Beard said that wasn't the only incident. It's been happening for about three years.


"With more intense storms, we're having problems so by taking this building down, we're going to be able to reconnect to the storm drain and that will solve the problem," said Ron Beard, the Chair of Board of Directors.


Beard said he believes the expansion will be a positive addition to the community.


"It seems to me that libraries create a place in the community that's like no other," said Beard. "It's a place for people to come and learn, it's a place for people to create, and it's a place for people to discuss important issues."


The library director said the new building will have a much larger space or children, an area for teenagers and a meeting room for about 150 people.


"The library is the heart and soul of this community, it's like family, it's like home. It's the place you can always go to, the place where you're always welcome," said Tom Crikelair, the Treasurer.


Eveland said they have big hopes for the future of the library.


"We've lasted 100 years with our historical building, but we're creating the space for the next 100 years," said Eveland.

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