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Hancock County Sheriff's Office looking for stolen art Featured

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HANCOCK COUNTY -  Last week, officers from the Hancock County Sheriff's Office began investigating a crime they don't see very often.

 According to Detective Steve McFarland, burglars broke into the summer home of a painter and took only an only certain valuables.


"The only thing taken in the burglary were seven paintings that this artist had done. The paintings are worth a combined value of $20,000," McFarland said.


According to the detective, the burglary happened sometime between September of last year and this month. The homeowner noticed they were gone when he returned for the summer.


The detective said the fact that only the paintings were taken from the home raised eyebrows.


"It's kind of unique and it shows that it's somebody is familiar with art. You know, knows what the value is and probably has the means of selling it somewhere. It would be really good if the art dealers could really pay attention and look somewhere for these pieces of art," McFarland said.


McFarland said the oil on canvas paintings had gold framing at the time they were stolen, so that may be a way to easily identify them if anyone happens to come across them.


"They're all signed in the bottom with Krody. The artist's name is Barron Krody, they're all signed on the bottom with the name Krody in red," McFarland said.


The detectives are asking anyone with information regarding the burglary to contact the Hancock County Sheriff's Office via its Facebook page or by calling (207) 326-4905.


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