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Maine child to share diabetes experience with Congress

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YARMOUTH (WGME) - A 9-year-old Mainer is heading to Washington, D.C. to testify before members of Congress, hoping to raise awareness of young children across the country who live with Type 1 diabetes.

Ruby Anderson is just like every other 9-year-old girl.


She loves to play outside but has a condition that can often get in the way of things.


"Ruby was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 23 months old," said her mother, Kelly Anderson.


As a kid with Type 1 diabetes, Ruby said her blood sugar will fluctuate throughout the day.


Those highs and lows even hit in the middle of class, she said.


"I usually don't feel when I'm going high at school but usually I go low once or twice a day at school," she said.


Now Ruby is heading to the nation's capital, where she will testify before Congress and represent the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


"We're really trying to get an important message out there and make sure that the funding continues for a cure and for advances in technology," her mother said.


Ruby has a tech-savvy constant glucose monitor that helps her keep a check on her blood sugar. And she's used to the routine.


"And so I stick the needle into the insulin," she said.


She and her family are hoping her testimony will help remind Congress how difficult it is living with Type 1, especially for a child.


"People don't realize how relentless this disease is. It is all day, every day. It never stops. It's all night long," Kelly Anderson said.


Ruby said she is ready, insulin in tow, to show Congress members what Type 1 is like through her eyes.


"This does not work. That little guy," she said.


"It's huge. She's excited. We're really excited," her mother said.



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