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'No answers' two years after Orrington burned car death Featured

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BANGOR - A Bucksport woman died a mysterious death in Orrington two years ago Tuesday and her family is still searching for answers.

Brewer resident Carol Davis said the pain of losing her daughter has not gone away.


“Big empty hole with no answers,” Davis said.


Sometime in the early morning hours of June 11, 2017 her daughter, Robin Davis, died while she was on her way to work at the Broadway McDonalds in Bangor.


“The car went off the road into a stream and caught on fire,” Davis said. “But there is no explanation as to why it caught on fire or why it went off the road where it did.”


She added later, “It was a fairly new car. It had been well taken care of so there is just no answers to why.”


At 3:30 a.m. someone driving on Swetts Pond Road discovered the car on fire about three-tenths of a mile from Route 15, also known as the River Road.


Why Davis turned off Route 15 is part of the mystery, and how is died is another. The medical examiner has said the manner and cause of her death are both "undetermined."


“I haven't heard anything in over a year,” Davis said. “The state police were really good at checking in with me weekly, like every couple of weeks. Then it went to once a month. In the last year, I haven't heard anything.”


Carol Davis said she's tried to force herself to move on.


“I just have to accept that she's gone and I have to continue living,” she said, breaking into quiet tears.


Robin's son, Sebastian, now lives with his dad and also waits for answers.


“In the beginning I said, 'I can't solve whatever happened.' I need to let the state police decide what happened and have them tell me,” Davis said.


The day before her daughter died, the two discussed the menu for Robin's upcoming wedding.


“I just wish she could tell me why, what happened,” her mother said. “Did she have a medical emergency? Did a deer run out in front of her and did she veer off the road? Just give me a reason why.”


Davis said the unknown makes the situation unbearable.


“When you don't have an answer, it just makes it really hard,” she said.

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