Tuesday, 14 May 2019 11:23

Mainers seek compassionate approach to addiction

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AUGUSTA - Members of the Maine Coalition for Sensible Drug Policy were in Augusta Monday gathering support for two bills in the state's battle against drug abuse.

One bill would reduce or eliminate penalties for possession and would stop the presumption of trafficking based on the level of drugs found in a person's possession.


The other bill would expand access to syringe exchanges and naloxone.


According to Jason Trahan, who is in recovery, putting a drug user in jail doesn't help anyone -- especially the addict.


"When you go to jail, you're basically being punished before you even go. Knowing that you're going there, you know you're going to get locked up and be taken away from everybody. The only thing you want to do when you're in that situation is be around support," Trahan said.


Trahan said he wants to see the community of those in recovery grow and these bills are a step in the right direction