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Use caution on the lakes and ponds Featured

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Use caution on the lakes and ponds

STATEWIDE - The temperatures aren't getting any warmer, but we know that won't stop fisherman.

While it may seem cold enough to walk on ice, Authorities say *not quite yet* in most places.


Maine's Warden Service said a lot of the small bodies of water have started to freeze over. And while water may be frozen, the ice isn't thick enough in a lot of places to support your weight.


So with that in mind warden's are telling would-be fisherman to be very careful. IFW Sgt. Jason Luce said  "No ice is safe. Kind of like electrical wires. No ice should be considered safe. The biggest thing is that you want to check the ice as you go. Bring a chisel. Check the quality and thickness of the ice every 50 feet or so. There isn't a fish out there worth getting wet or something worse over."


Maine's Warden Service recommends carrying an ice pick in case you fall through.


It's hard to predict when the best time for ice fishing will come.


Check the lawbooks before you go as regulations are updated each year.