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Icy car roof deemed cause of accident Featured

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Icy car roof deemed cause of accident

CARMEL - A crash on I-95 Friday afternoon serves as a very important reminder for drivers this time of year.

Just around 2:30 p.m. the driver of a red Nissan Altima was traveling southbound on Interstate 95 past exit 174 when ice flew off the roof of the vehicle in front of her.


She swerved to try and avoid the ice, went into the breakdown lane, and over corrected before being struck by a tractor trailer.


This incident has state police reminding people of an important message.


Maine State Police Trooper Christopher Hashey said "This is a perfect example of why people need to clear off the ice from on top of their vehicles. Either vehicles are swerving to avoid the ice and it's causing accidents, or actually we had another accident today where ice flew off a vehicle and into the windshield of another vehicle and breaking that windshield. It's extremely dangerous."


The driver was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center.


The extent of her injuries is unknown but we are told she was conscious and speaking when she was taken from the scene.