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Ellsworth community celebrates National Ugly Sweater Day Featured

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Ellsworth community celebrates National Ugly Sweater Day

ELLSWORTH- The third Friday in December is recognized as national "Ugly Christmas Sweater Day." Ellsworth amped up the holiday spirit and maybe set a record in the process.

It was a Christmas city showdown in the city of Ellsworth, as the community came together to celebrate "Ugly Christmas Sweater Day." It's an idea that had been talked about for the past several years, but didn't come to fruition until this past October.


"So my front desk person happened to find on the internet somewhere that there was a national ugly sweater day on December 15th so we decided to get it out early to the businesses," said Gretchen Wilson, the executive director of the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce.


Once word got out, there was an explosion of people wearing ugly Christmas sweaters across the community...from the steps of the courthouse to City Hall.


"It's that community sense...that it really brings us together and we share experiences, fun experiences," said Tammy Mote, Deputy City Manager Finance Director for the City of Ellsworth.


Even the schools took part. The staff and students dressed up in full holiday gear.


"When all the kids assembled together in the gym before they go to class, there was a lot of laughter," said Jim Newett, principal for grades 5-8 at the Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School.


"We all like getting involved in and dressing up for things and it makes everything exciting," said Ellie Kane, a student at Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School.


"I thought it was funny, and I wanted to make people laugh," said Tobiah Jordan, a student at the Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School, talking about his Christmas suit he's wearing.


The chamber also reached out to the Guinness Book of World Records and currently there's no multi-venue record of wearing Christmas sweaters.


"Potentially we could go for a multi venue record on one day of the city all wearing their Christmas sweaters," said Wilson.


She also said they haven't heard back from the Guinness Book of World Records, but that doesn't mean they won't consider Ellsworth to be the city with the most holiday spirit in Maine.


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