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Cap's Tavern close to being open again Featured

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BREWER - Arson was determined as the cause of a fire that demolished a Brewer landmark in July, but yet there are still no arrests.

However, the owner of Cap's Tavern said expect the doors to open soon on a new version of the old watering hole.


Just a few months ago, fire leveled Cap's Tavern in south Brewer. Now, every day it's a little bit closer to people being able to say, 'Cap's is back.'


When fire demolished the long-time neighborhood bar July 13th, the owner wasn't sure whether to rebuild.


But since the first of October, a crew has been working steadily.


Owner Del Merritt said "I don't know. Probably I'm a little crazy. I don't know. As I get looking at it sometimes I wonder why I did. But I think the neighborhood deserves a nice little neighborhood bar."


Apartments were located above the bar. No one was injured, however, even as the fire quickly spread through the building.


"So we are considering it a crime scene and we've asked for assistance from the fire marshal's office." stated Brewer Public Safety director Jason Moffitt in July.


Yet, Merritt said he hasn't heard anything about the arson investigation since July. He said "It's five months and I haven't heard a word."


Cap's had a core group of loyal patrons. "I'm almost a hundred percent certain that they'll be back. I think they're out there floundering. And I think they all want to get back together under the roof down here in south Brewer." added Merritt.


The new and improved version of Cap's will hold a few more customers. Merritt said "All my help is planning to come back. So, there'll be basically no changes except the old building is gone."


Merritt said as long as all the permits and licenses get approved, the doors could open January 29th.