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Seven American sailors killed USS Fitzgerald crash have been recovered Featured

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JAPAN (ABC NEWS) - New developments in the deadly collision between the USS Fitzgerald and a massive cargo ship off the coast of Japan.

The Navy revealed the bodies of the seven American sailors killed in the crash have been recovered.


The US Navy has promised to launch at least two investigations to figure out exactly what happened and how a huge container ship managed to hit the sophisticated US Destroyer.


Terrifying moments for sailors aboard the USS Fitzgerald left with a mangled midsection. The destroyer t-boned in the middle of the night, immediately flooding the cramped compartments where more than 100 of the crew slept.


Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin said "The damage is mostly underneath the waterline, and it's a large gash near the keel of the ship. So, the water flow was tremendous. So, there wasn't a lot of time in those spaces that were open to the sea."


Multiple maritime trackers show the ACX Crystal making a giant u-turn just 25 minutes before colliding with the USS Fitzgerald.


The 30,000 ton container ship's bulbous head smashed right into the crew's living quarters leaving just minutes for the crew to escape, save the 9,000 ton ship and themselves.


Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin said "They had to fight the ship to keep it above the surface and, so, it was traumatic."


The Navy called off the search for survivors, and announced divers found the bodies of the seven missing sailors, though it's unclear if they were killed by the impact of the crash, or drowned in the flooding.


The search for those answers and more are only just beginning.


Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin said "We are going to cooperate with all the stakeholders in this, especially with the Japanese. But we will get those answers."


There's still no response from the cargo ship's owner after multiple request from ABC News asking about that sharp u-turn just before the crash. But they said they are cooperating with the investigation.