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New partnership with the ASPCA and the Bangor Humane Society is saving more animals Featured

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BANGOR - The Bangor Humane Society held a shower for puppies and kittens Saturday.

With a new transport partnership, they're going to need all the help they can get from the community.


These dogs traveling 1,600 miles and spending several hours in the car, just to get to Bangor Maine. It's all part of a new partnership with the ASPCA, the Bangor Humane Society and two other shelters, with Bangor taking in between 60-80 dogs and puppies a month.


BHS Director Stacy Coventry said "Many of these dogs are puppies small breed dogs, really highly adoptable adult dogs that are at high risk or euthanasia because of their time and space issues down there."


Twice a month, small dogs and puppies, that are healthy and up to date on vaccinations travel from Mississippi to Rochester New York where a group of volunteers greats them.


"These are dogs that you know wouldn't have had a chance otherwise to know that we were giving them a new start at life completely it was really inspiring." added travel coordinator Katelyn Murphy.


The Bangor Humane Society said they now have more room at the shelter. With an increase of puppies though, comes an increase in supplies, just in time for their annual kitty shower, but now they're now adding dogs to the list.


Coventry stated "We're going to need tons of blankets. Save your old newspapers, recycle them with us, dog toys, cat toys, litter, wet food for cats, the bottle nipples, litter boxes, anything that you can think of."


They're also looking for volunteers to help with the transportation and fostering puppies. Murphy said "For them to be able to get into a foster home and have a place where they're a little bit more comfortable for a little while, helps them to be as strong at they can so they can get ready to go up for adoption."


The puppies and dogs go up for adoption on Tuesday. They said not to contact them about the dogs, their adoption process is a little different. Check out their Facebook page for details.