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Local police want to give you a friendly reminder about summer car safety Featured

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STATEWIDE - While people are rushing outside to enjoy the warm temperatures, some are forgetting to bring in a few things you don't want to leave in those hot cars.

Local police want to give you a friendly reminder as we head into the summer months.


As summer quickly approaches police in cities and towns across Maine are stepping up patrol, looking for children and pets left in hot cars.


"People have to realize if it's hot weather they shouldn't bring their animals to town and never leave a child in a vehicle ever." said Ellsworth Police Lieutenant Harold Page. And if that isn't enough warning. Lieutenant Page stated police are also getting help from area citizens this time of year. He added "They take it upon themselves to go out and patrol the parking lots, looking for dogs and cars."


Violators could find themselves facing serious charges, including endangering the welfare of a child or animal cruelty.


A broken window to rescue the animal or child could also cost you a pretty penny. Lieutenant Page said "That's going to run into some money for you if you got to replace a window that we had to take out because you did something like that."


But this time of year, pets and children aren't the only things people are leaving in their cars. Police want to remind you that with increased foot traffic during the warmer months. Thieves are out looking for valuables left out in your car. Lieutenant Page stated "People need to lock their cars up when people are not in them."


Motorcycle accidents also tend to pick up during the summer months because of increased traffic and because they are hard to see.


So if you're headed out for some fun in the sun, you are encouraged to take it slow.