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Charity game is still on for Thursday night at Nationals Park after Virginia shooting Featured

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ALEXANDRIA VA (ABC NEWS) - A republican lawmaker is still in critical condition after being shot by a gunman who opened fire on him and a group of GOP lawmakers at a baseball practice in Virginia yesterday.

A blaze of gunshots fired at Republican Congressmen at a baseball diamond just eight miles from Capitol Hill in Alexandria Virginia.


The gunshots erupted at 7 a.m. Wednesday morning. 26 Republican members of Congress were practicing for their annual charity baseball game against Democrats.


Some seeked refuge in the dugout.


Victim, Congressman Scalise, of Louisiana, with a rifle shot to the left hip was medivaced off the field.


The House Majority Whip's Capitol Police Security detail, two agents, fired back at the shooter from behind an SUV according to witnesses. Both officers were injured.


Within minutes, local police joined in the gunbattle.


The shooter James Hodgkinson, 66, the unemployed Illinois man, had reportedly been in the Washington area for a couple months living out of his van and had a long and public history of anti-Trump and anti-Republican rhetoric


In all 4 were shot, the congressman, one of the Capitol Officers, a staffer and lobbyist, two others injured.


Overnight President Trump and the first lady met with doctors at the hospital treating Representive Scalise and the Capitol Hill Police Officer.


It wasn't just the field here hit with gunfire, car windows, local businesses, a local YMCA down the street, their windows shattered by bullets.


As for the game congressman were practicing for, that charity game is still on for Thursday night at Nationals Park.