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Paying it forward with cheer Featured

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DEDHAM - A little chill in the air on Sunday couldn't stop people in Dedham from getting into the holiday spirit with the help of a cheer drive.

The idea for the event came from one local family who wanted to give back to the community that helped them when they needed it most.

"The goal of the day is to rally everybody together to connect with each other," said Kristin Beauchamp, owner of Lone Spruce Farm.

In the freezing cold on Sunday, the Beauchamp family spread the warmth at Lone Spruce Farm with hot cocoa and holiday cheer.

"This is such a great time of year to put that sentiment into action," said Beauchamp.

The family hosted a cheer drive, collecting donations for the animal shelter, goods for the local food pantry, and even raffling off a basket of goods and services to support a child battling a life threatening illness.

"It's nice to know people like this are here, that they care," said Daniel Hughes, who lives right up the road from the farm.

"When we stopped and thought about the more important facets of the community that touch our heart directly, we have been helped tremendously," said Beauchamp.

Kristin knows what it's like to be lifted up when you need it most. Her son Wyatt suffers from a rare seizure disorder, and when her husband got into an accident last year, she knew she was in trouble.

"There were a lot of things on the farm that we said, you know, this is just not going to happen," Beauchamp said.

But the surrounding community made it happen. Neighbors, friends, even strangers rallied to help with building, fencing, cooking, etc.

"That's something that was really outstanding, and something that if we could just reflect a little tiny bit of that light back out, that would be great," Beauchamp said.

Now Wyatt has his smile back, and the Beauchamps hope to pay it forward, and spread the spirit of giving that helped them to where they are today.

By the end of the day, they raised about $250 for the child and her family, another $100 for a veterinary fund, and a handful of goods for the shelter and pantries.