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A permanent tribute: Pink ribbon tattoos to fight breast cancer Featured

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BANGOR - Dozens of people got tattoos Wednesday, with the proceeds helping the fight against breast cancer.

Many say this new ink is a permanent tribute to the strength of their loved ones.

"I decided an hour after they posted it to jump on," said Nikole Lupo about seeing the event posted on Facebook.

For Lupo, getting some new ink in honor of her grandmother was a no-brainer.

"I look up to her, she's the reason I am who I am today," Lupo said.

Her grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. Wednesday, Lupo joined nearly 30 others at Diversified Ink in Bangor getting pink ribbon tattoos for their loved ones.

"Even when she passes on, when she dies, I'll be able to still have something to remember her from," Lupo said.

"I think a tattoo is a great tribute to anything," said Harley Gray, a tattoo artist.

Artists donated their time, leaving a permanent mark on their human canvas.

"It's great to kind of give them a tattoo and emblem to represent their fight and what they've gone through," said Gray. "And I'm just glad I'm able to participate in that."

All of the proceeds from the ink will go to the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition.

"We really appreciate these people who come out. I hope I get the nerve up to get one myself, but it's great," said Carol Beagan, treasurer of the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition and a 30 years breast cancer survivor herself.

Every dollar works towards finding a cure.

"As long as we keep the word out with things like this, someday I think we will find it," Beagan said.